Rapping on 46’s day, we rose, we rose

Yes, 46 will pick up the sticks, the shards, and bring a renewed regard for America and Americans, Black, Brown, White, all, because we know what’s right and true, and we will build anew equity and safety for all, we can stand tall, rural and urban, town and country, deserve respect, no longer will we reject who you were born to be, and we can all still be free to be both one and many, not canceling those who you might oppose, but they see that we rose, opening an ear to the pain that drives hate, brings no gain to anyone, only fanatic strains, screaming, demeaning, not hearing the names of those murdered and maimed by those seeking fame and blind when we say hear my name, yes, and say my name, because we are not all treated the same, so time to regain, walk without fear, stop the tears except those of happiness, yes happiness, it is ours, and we cannot waste it, go taste it, try, try, try. God bless America.

From Lady Proverbs on Inauguration Day, somewhere on the Oregon Coast

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