WTF happened? The well-seasoned woman unleashed

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Cool, I retired, or am I sleep walking?

Dateline: Oct. 26, 2020; Lady Proverbs, somewhere on the Oregon Coast

Yeah, 2020 sucks, blah, blah. My summary: Dad cancer, Dad died, COVID birthed, lived with 90 year-old Mom 4 months (sorry long-suffering husband-o-mine), retired at 61 ’cause I was simply done with it all, moved to coast, planned new pre-fab house, dementia grabbed Mom in a tsunami and Mom Jeckle and Mom Hyde roared in, worked with sibs on her memory care, everyone hurts from it, us and Mom. Third fucking strike for 2020.

So, yeah, being in Oregon and all, self-medication is legal, low cost and boy do edibles come in handy when Mom-stress, politics-stress, and retirement bullshit stress reaches the brain, the heart and the bowels. Don’t those clouds look pretty?

Not sure if this blog will amount to much, but I do think women of my era can get lost in the shuffle of the more “interesting” age categories. I was fucking exciting too, you know, when I was young and living in Africa and doing shit that was so dangerous it scares me now almost 40 years later. And I was cute too, that was kinda fun, although I didn’t appreciate it until I look at the old photos and wonder, what the fuck happened? Guess it’s just the march of time, right.

But then I don’t really care that much. No face lifts for this Oregon gal. Like it or lump it, this is my visage, people.

This should be fun. Hope I keep up with my blog and I’m not a scattered and inattentive Gemini running along the beach and combing for pretty shells instead of working on my novel or writing this blog. Yeah, I do that living at the beach shit too. That’s cool.

WTF Happened?

One less egg to fry…

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Cancellation: could you pass that test?

Being self-righteous is the fast-food meal of those yielding the cancellation pens. And just as with its burger mania, Americans are addicted to its convenience and how it tastes on our tongue. There is nothing quite so satisfying as judging someone else from our self-identified superior platform of righteousness. It’s as though we were all […]

The fatal attraction of false idols

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