Saunders second book on Spinoza translates complex philosophy into modern, relevant learning

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Although numerous commentators have attempted to decipher Spinoza’s intended meaning within the “Ethics Part I – Concerning God”, it does not appear as if anyone has effectively identified “Concerning God” as the controlling idea which holds the key to the absolutely unique contribution which Baruch has bequeathed to human knowledge within the unity of thought achieved in his “Ethics”.

Part I is the linchpin for Baruch’s entire philosophy.

As we approach the 340th anniversary of Baruch’s passing in February of 1677, and with the passage of time and the shedding of some antiquated superstitious beliefs about god we have gained the distance required to build a new perspective.

Many of us feel very strongly that something compelling about the nature of God remains after anthropomorphic aspects have been dispelled.

Thanks to Spinoza’s insight into the true nature of the divinity, a next step in human evolution  can occur. We will  embark on the  road to internalizing the divinity. Yes, god is real, ever present and vital in our lives.

The goal of To Discern Divinity will be to open up the inner workings of Part I in the hopes that this will incept a new discussion among those interested in Baruch’s master work. Please join us and find your voice to assist in the unraveling.

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