From the 17th century comes a philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, whose timeless work remains relevant today

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Letters to No One In Particular: A Discussion and Illustration of Spinoza’s Fragment

Dear Friends,

In the current age there exists a widespread and extremely negative opinion of humankind held almost everywhere. The prevailing theory and application in all of science and  religion is that ‘human perception is deeply and inherently flawed’.

In all of the established religions of the world, humankind is somehow seen as fallen and in need of a powerful intervention and ‘saving’ from our own frail natures.

There lived a philosopher 350 years ago who understood us far better than this. His name is Baruch Spinoza. Under his own formidable power of understanding of life he recognized our actual merit and inestimable worth.

He shared that understanding in a book title, the “Ethics”. In it he details his discovery: the existence and the structure and functions of the human mind.

He also wrote a short treatise which has come to be called the ‘Fragment’. From the outset of the piece he set out his goal for us: to recognize “…the knowledge of the union existing between the mind and whole of nature.”

This ‘Fragment’ holds the key to unlocking the complexity of the “Ethics”.

In this little pamphlet, together we will discuss and illustrate his discovery of the mind. Most important for you, dear friend, a  challenge will be extended; to discover within you the existence of your own mind and to learn to harness its near unlimited power to understand and to manage our environment and the future.

It will prove a lifelong challenge to reach the point where we clearly understand the responsibility that we owe to all of our ancestors and to those who will follow us.

Please feel free to join the work that lies ahead.


Charles M. Saunders

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