It’s fairly common for men, women and persons to call a male a “pussy” when they do something that is considered weak. I used to do it too. It’s a standard cultural term that means a male didn’t stand up to society’s standard for being masculine. If you are watching a football game or other sports matchup in a bar or livingroom, the number of times you hear “What a fucking pussy” would add up quickly.

Yet calling weak men a female term is diminishing what people think about women’s strength and power. While some may disagree, it’s another barrier to women being considered as strong and determined as men. Insulting men by calling them a pussy is an insult to women. It deflects anger against a male back to a derogatory term against women. Why?

Because insulting women is considered a throwaway, e.g., women being lesser than men, who cares if we insult you using a term for a woman. It’s also men being unwilling to use a derogatory term for men to insult their own kind.

This really began to bother me lately, as violence against women, verbally and physically, continues in full force; and as women and persons have to continue to convince men in the workplace that they are as talented in all ways as males.

Thus the need for a grassroots campaign to end the use of “pussy” as an insult to males.

Let us not forget that every human on earth came out of a pussy, an event that takes the strength beyond anything that men have ever done or experienced. Pussies are strong, not weak. Pussies are resilient. Pussies give women, and men and persons, a hell of a lot of pleasure too. Pussies are BEAUTIFUL!

So when insulting men, leave women’s pussies out of it. There are hundreds of choice male insults that can be used: limp dick, flaccid ass, dick face, jerk off, dick breath, cocksucker, one-incher, fuck face, and I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Yes, it’s hard to stop yourself at first. But my husband and I started our own campaign last year and we have now weaned ourselves off of using “pussy” to describe weak men. Help each other out when someone says it, and ask that they use an alternative. Have several choice options for them to choose from. While there may be some reluctance at first, keep schooling those who use it, and let them know why you are using it. If they won’t stop, start using male derogatory terms to describe weak women. “She’s such a limp dick.” Yell out loudly in bars and stadiums, “LIMP DICK” when males playing sports fuck up.

I first wrote about this in February 2021 in a piece called: When Insulting Men, Leave My Pussy Out of It! So for more on this topic, take a peak at my first thought on this.

So join the #CampaignAgainstMalePussies, and help spread the word! And freely distribute the campaign poster to your friends and enemies. It’s also located on Twitter @LadyProverbs1 where you can Retweet it at will.

Thanks everyone. Pussy Power!

From Lady Proverbs, somewhere on the Oregon Coast.

For more from Lady Proverbs, go to PulayanaPress.com

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