…and then you laugh so you don’t cry

DATELINE: October 27, 2020; Lady Proverbs, somewhere on the Oregon Coast:

I was kind of late to the Grace and Frankie Netflix show. We’re in a rental while they tear down our once weekend beach house, which was shabby-not chic, and our new pre-fab being built, and there’s streaming tv only here, not cable, and hence now watching a lot of Netflix. I’m sitting here alone since my husband goes to bed pretty early – more on that at some point – and I begin watching Grace and Frankie.

Image result for Grace and Frankie
WFT Happened?!

Laughing my ass off a lot, and alone out here in “our” living room, with the awesome view of the gas station and Hwy 101 (and BTW, gas is $2.59 a gallon right now), and sometimes with mother’s little helpers circa 2020, edibles from one of Oregon’s abundance of pot stores. Why do a I like this show? Because it shows that 60+ women swear and smoke pot and have sex just like 30 year olds. Yeah, we probably do some of these things slower, and possibly less often, although that’s up for discussion — and comparison.

Several women in my life who were 10-20 years older than me used to say that women over 50 begin to disappear and unless you do something to stand out, you’re invisible. One woman I knew who was on large boards of directors and worked at a Fortune 500 company used to wear fishnets and patterned stockings, very high high-heels, and always a leather jacket. She told me once she had about 30 leather jackets, all different colors, styles and lengths.

That wasn’t really me, all that leather and lace. But even to the end of my working woman days, I could rock some awesome shoes that drew attention to…well, okay…my feet. Which you’d probably think was a bad idea since I wear size 11. No wind storm too strong for this girl! And I did try to buy fairly unique business suits, and used to buy Ralph Lauren pant suits in the after-Christmas sales at Macy’s when I lived in Boston, or at the outlet store in Kittery, Maine. And I never had kids, so I have good boobs even when I’m over weight. And I’ve worn a leather jacket or two in my time, and a pair of fishnets on rare occasions, but not like Corporate Leather Mama. Oh, she also loved Prince at a highly unusual intensity for a white woman of her age and standing. But she did accomplish many things, and overcame the one thing she feared: that she not disappear. She was always very talented, although annoyed the shit out of me sometimes, especially when thinking she was right and she wasn’t and it wasn’t up for discussion and then I had to clean up the shit mess left behind. No resentment here, folks!

So back to Grace and Frankie. They are medicinal for handling Dementia Mom and Cancer Recovering Husband whose in remission for 7 years but muy muy issues. We may get to that. Today a few new issues. But onward..later…back to Grace and Frankie. I think my unique and creative personality makes me stand out. Weak retort, you may say! Yeah, but a few people think so. Over and out…

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